This too shall pass

This has become an everyday mantra.

Something I am telling myself so I can make it through what seems like never-ending tough times. Home life has been challenging (not necessarily bad- but definitely a challenge) and work has been dreadful. I’m not sleeping, I’m unhappy with my body, my mind is over active, I’m emotionally spent and at the end of each day I utter ‘this too shall pass!’ I am a firm believer in playing an active role in your life and making things happen (if you are unhappy then make the necessary changes!) but as a friend pointed out today – sometimes you can’t change a challenging or bad situation straight away – sometimes there are lessons to be learnt (grace, patience, tolerance) and sometimes things are just unclear and frustrating – but the realization that tomorrow brings a new day, well that does make things seem a bit better.

And remembering the things I am grateful for, well that is a huge help and encouragement to keep on trucking! Like an incredible husband and supportive family.

What are some of your ways of coping through tough times? I know exercise and meditation are firm favorites? A colleague of mine swears by prayer? How do you wash away the blues of a horrible day or tough situation and keep on going? I would love to hear your coping strategies and tips.