Knitwear Fetish

I am slightly obsessed with quirky knits. Which is strange because it is still summer here in glorious Cape Town (despite the odd rainy day here and there)… maybe it is because I long for cooler days where I can cuddle on the couch with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, my fluffy socks on my loved one’s lap, peering out into a rainy garden… or maybe it is because I love it when designers think outside of the box and make clothes fun. A little bit of whimsy never hurt anyone!

Here are some of the lovelies I am currently ooohing over… (maybe it is time to start a knitwear board on Pinterest…)


I have recently started watching The Carrie Diaries and have been absorbed entirely. The story is sweet but the fashion is glorious! How cute is that jersey/sweater? (source)


More adorable knits above! (source)

And then during my mid-morning blog trawl I stumbled across this dashing couple and thought… “Guys should totally have fun with knitwear too!” What do you think? Agree? Have a look at this charming jersey worn by the dapper gent below:


Love? Hate? (source)


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