This too shall pass

This has become an everyday mantra.

Something I am telling myself so I can make it through what seems like never-ending tough times. Home life has been challenging (not necessarily bad- but definitely a challenge) and work has been dreadful. I’m not sleeping, I’m unhappy with my body, my mind is over active, I’m emotionally spent and at the end of each day I utter ‘this too shall pass!’ I am a firm believer in playing an active role in your life and making things happen (if you are unhappy then make the necessary changes!) but as a friend pointed out today – sometimes you can’t change a challenging or bad situation straight away – sometimes there are lessons to be learnt (grace, patience, tolerance) and sometimes things are just unclear and frustrating – but the realization that tomorrow brings a new day, well that does make things seem a bit better.

And remembering the things I am grateful for, well that is a huge help and encouragement to keep on trucking! Like an incredible husband and supportive family.

What are some of your ways of coping through tough times? I know exercise and meditation are firm favorites? A colleague of mine swears by prayer? How do you wash away the blues of a horrible day or tough situation and keep on going? I would love to hear your coping strategies and tips.



Secrets of my heart

I’m having a rough day. It happens to all of us. Sad news. Disappointment. Worry. Unhealthy relationships. Unachieved (is that word?) goals. Dreams that are still only dreams. Grey days. Days where we feel down. But the one message that plays out in my mind (and echoes through my soul) is that God knows the desires of my heart and has a plan for me and I need to trust in His timing. That realization is so comforting that I’m instantly refreshed and ready for any greatness that may come my way.


Photo by me, edited using Overgram and Instagram for iPhone. Text adapted from Psalm 139

This little gem, sent to me by a dear friend also cheers me up (just keep clicking).

Knitwear Fetish

I am slightly obsessed with quirky knits. Which is strange because it is still summer here in glorious Cape Town (despite the odd rainy day here and there)… maybe it is because I long for cooler days where I can cuddle on the couch with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, my fluffy socks on my loved one’s lap, peering out into a rainy garden… or maybe it is because I love it when designers think outside of the box and make clothes fun. A little bit of whimsy never hurt anyone!

Here are some of the lovelies I am currently ooohing over… (maybe it is time to start a knitwear board on Pinterest…)


I have recently started watching The Carrie Diaries and have been absorbed entirely. The story is sweet but the fashion is glorious! How cute is that jersey/sweater? (source)


More adorable knits above! (source)

And then during my mid-morning blog trawl I stumbled across this dashing couple and thought… “Guys should totally have fun with knitwear too!” What do you think? Agree? Have a look at this charming jersey worn by the dapper gent below:


Love? Hate? (source)

My Botanical Christmas

I have Christmas fever. There… I said it!

I started looking for a Christmas tree in July (true story!) and have been scouring the internet and stalking the Christmas aisles at department stores (we do a fake tree instead of a real one, it is what we both grew up with (oops, apparently I stand corrected, hubby grew up with a real tree – what would a German Christmas be without a real tree?) and we believe it to be more environmentally friendly – I know this is debatable, but we’re hoping to keep this tree for many, many, many years). This is our first Christmas as husband and wife and besides wanting to ‘invest’ in a massive tree we can one day hand down to our large brood of children, we’re also deciding which traditions to carry over (from each of our families) and which traditions we’ll adopt, as something new.

My family always do a pre-Christmas dinner (Christmas eve dinner), and this year I have offered to host it (I am beyond excited!). It is usually just my parents, my sister and our significant others, and any other friends and family who are lonely at this time of year. I have decided to go with a botanical theme, incorporating reds, greens, sparkle and tartan this year (some say ‘too much!’, I say ‘just right!’). You can take a browse through my Pinterest board here.

Oh and we’re thinking of incorporating this Thanksgiving tradition into our Christmas eve dinner celebration.

What are some of the traditions that are special to you and your family?


Beautifully styled tablescape, the food doesn’t look too bad either (image by Elizabeth Messina)


Tree that dreams are made of!

Anyone feeling broody?

Lately I have been daydreaming of what it would be like to start/have our own little family (maybe because we have been married for exactly 9 months – just enough time to have ‘made’ a baby) or maybe it is because so much value is placed on families, friends and togetherness during the festive season. And of course… stumbling across a list of the top 100 baby names for 2012 doesn’t help the situation. My favourites are Olivia, Madelyn, Harper, Sophie, Evelyn, Lucy, Anabelle (or the more Southern version, Annabeth) and Isla… and for boys, Jacob, Michael, Owen, Daniel, Oliver, Henry, Eli, Samuel, Grayson – I’m also warming up to Bentley and Lincoln as boy’s names… very non-traditional, but with the right amount of rockstar… yes… no?

Where it All Begins

Isn’t this one of the most gorgeous styled shoots you ever did see? The canoe, the bouquet, the red lips (and other pops of red), the pick-up, the boho headband… I am in couple shoot heaven! 🙂

To see more pics from this boho-themed loveshoot go to Green Wedding Shoes (you can also read about the inspiration behind this glorious concept).